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1 - Introduction

The Proteus Design Suite is an embedded system development and simulation software developed by Labcenter. After more than 35 years of research and development, the Proteus Design Suite has evolved into a fully functional and affordable EDA tool. Thanks to its powerful simulation capabilities and rich resources, Proteus is highly regarded in universities and colleges. Proteus is used as a software platform for teaching and experimenting in electronics in thousands of colleges and universities across more than 50 countries.
proteus certifcation event
Proteus Application Electronics Engineer (PAEE) is a certification system endorsed by Labcenter. It provides training, assessment and certification of technical capabilities for electronic information students through using the Proteus Design Suite. PAEE certification types include Proteus Authorized Specialist (PAS), Proteus Senior Training Lecturer (PSTL), and Proteus Application Electronics Engineer (PAEE), which provide professional certification and training, thus fostering electronic talents at all levels and in all fields.

2 - Organization and responsibilities

2.1 - PAEE Training and Certification Management Center

Labcenter authorizes regional technical service centers to establish PAEE training and certification management centers, with multi-function executive management functions such as exam organization, data management, certificate issuance, certificate verification, authorized expert recommendation, and lecturer training. These centers are responsible for formulating and reviewing relevant documents and regulations; supervising training and examination work.
proteus management centre

2.2 - Expert Committee

The Expert Committee consists of Proteus Authorized Specialist (PAS). After being recommended by the regional PAEE Training and Certification Management Center, Labcenter will review and appoint the expert committee on a five year term.

2.3 - PAEE Lecturer Certification and Training Center

PAEE Lecturer Certification and Training Center is a teacher training division established by PAEE Training and Certification Management Center in universities. It can organize various Proteus training courses, holiday training courses and PSTL training courses independently or in conjunction with the PAEE Training and Certification Management Center. It arranges for a Proteus Authorized Specialist (PAS) to train and certify the Proteus Senior Training Lecturer (PSTL).

2.4 - PAEE Certification and Training Center

PAEE Certification and Training Center is a certification and training division established in the first-line educational institutions. It is headed by the PSTL in charge of the school. It is responsible for PAEE training and examinations, and regularly organizes Proteus-based teaching and research activities on or in the campus.
proteus training center

2.5 - Proteus Authorized Specialist (PAS)

Proteus Authorized Specialist (PAS) is responsible for guiding the construction of PAEE certification system. They conduct simulation technology research based on domestic and international technological development trends. They are responsible for setting certification standards and examination syllabus, writing training materials, developing examination questions bank, training and evaluating PSTL.

2.6 - Proteus Senior Training Lecturer (PSTL)

The PAEE Training and Certification Management Center will regularly organize a PSTL Training Course in conjunction with the PAEE Lecturer Certification and Training Center. In-service teachers have been trained and certified to become PSTL; as a resident teacher of the PAEE Certification and Training Center.

3 - PAEE certificate types and functions

3.1 - PAEE:Proteus Application Electronics Engineer

proteus certifcation full

3.2 - PAEE Starter:Proteus Application Electronics Engineer Starter

proteus certifcation starter

4 - Training and Certification Standards

4.1 - Training content and requirements

Students who take PAEE (Starter) certification must complete a 40-hour training course at the PAEE Certification and Training Center, which is taught by the PSTL. The training includes: Proteus schematic design, analog circuit basics, digital circuit basics, microcontroller system development, hardware construction, system debugging and PCB design. The training content is summarized as follows:

4.2 - Certification standards

The PAEE (Starter) examination consists of a theoretical test and a circuit design programming skills test. The exam examination lasts 4 hours. The theoretical test is a basic concept test of circuits, circuits, and 8-bit microcontrollers, consisting of multiple-choice questions and fill-in-the-blank questions. The circuit design and programming operation skills test content includes: designing circuit and simulation under Proteus software according to the requirements of the design questions. The MCU part uses 8-bit microcontrollers to design the circuit, write the code and simulation. Then, the PCB board is drawn using Proteus according to the designed project file.