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What is VSM Studio?

The VSM Studio IDE is a FREE development tool with a difference. Designed from the ground up by Labcenter to be both lightweight and powerful, its primary purpose is to link firmware development with simulation and debugging in Proteus VSM. In addition to all of the normal features you would expect from a development environment it also includes some unique features to enrich the testing and debugging experience in Proteus.

VSM Studio will automatically connect to the supported compilers that you have installed.

Automatic detection and configuration

VSM Studio is capable of automatically detecting and configuring a large and growing number of compilers such that they produce the output format most compatible with a Proteus VSM simulation. This happens literally at the push of a button so you can start work on a project and then compile from inside VSM Studio without having to learn and change compiler argument lists.
If you don't have a compiler for a processor family the VSM Studio can even download and install one for you.

VSM Studio integrates itself with the schematic capture which enables you to set breakpoints, single step, debug etc...

Schematic Integration

As you would expect, VSM Studio can communicate directly with the schematic module. Successful compilation of source code automatically applies the firmware to the microcontroller component on the schematic. Debugging commands in VSM Studio (breakpoints, single step, etc.) synchronously advance and pause the schematic simulation. Similarly, hardware breakpoints set up on the schematic will pause the system and display the source code in the VSM Studio IDE.

Active Popups

Active Popup technology allows you to specify areas of interest on the schematic and have them appear as docked windows in the VSM Studio IDE during simulation. This allows you to view (e.g LCD Display) and interact (e.g. buttons, switches) with your schematic while debugging inside the IDE.

Supported Compilers

The following is a list of compilers directly supported from within the VSM Studio IDE. If your compiler is not on this list then you can still use Proteus VSM by providing the debug file to the simulator manually.

  • PICxx, 8051, AVR assemblers
  • MPLAB XC16
  • MPLAB C18 for PIC18 (at least V3.34)
  • Hi-Tech C for PIC10/12/16 (at leave V9.8)
  • CCS for PIC (at least V4.107)
  • WinAVR (at least V2010-01-10)
  • BASCOM AVR (at least V1.11)
  • IAR for ARM (at least V5.4)
  • GCC for MSP430
  • Keil for ARM
  • SDCC for 8051 (at least Version 3.0.0)
  • IAR for 8051 (at leave V5.3)
  • MPLAB C30 (at least V3.21)
  • Hi-Tech C for PIC18 (at least V9.63)
  • GCC for ARM (V4.5.0)
  • Arduino for AVR (at least V1.0.5)
  • SourceBoost for PIC (at least V7.20)
  • GCC for ARM
  • Code Composer for MSP430 (at least V3.2.2)
  • WinAVR (at least V2010-01-10)
  • Code Composer for PICCOLO (at least V4.2.1)
  • Keil for 8051(at least V9.02)
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