A professionals choice for modern printed circuit board design

With over 30 years of continuous development and innovation, our focus remains on adding functionality while maintaining a simple, clean user interface and tight integration with the schematic design.

Footprint Libraries

Dozens of pre-installed libraries of schematic parts packaged with IPC standard footprints. Over 15 million packaged parts on tap via the integrated web search and import tool.

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Store and re-use board definitions and board constraints along with other technology data with PCB templates.

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Manual Routing

Proteus uses advanced route placement algorithms that are fully design rule aware and intelligently route around obstacles. Switch between linear and curved routing at a keypress.

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High Speed Routing

Dedicated differential pair routing with automatic skew correction. A simple select and match method for net tuning high speed signals and detailed reporting to verify tolerances.

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Proteus includes a world class integrated shape based autorouter as standard with all professional purchases. The router uses advanced cost-based conflict reduction algorithms proven to maximise completion rates on even the most densely packed boards.

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Power Planes

Power planes that intelligently flood the board with full user control of nesting and islands. Support for plane layers and split planes as well as plane stitching and via fences.

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Advanced design rule support including multi-layer design rule rooms. Live design rule system shows you instantly where violations occur.

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3D Visualisation

3D board visualisation with fly-by navigation and zoom. Bareboard view and height bounds checker along with STEP/IGES import and export.

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Output Formats

A range of modern manufacturing output formats and multiple export formats for MCAD tools and documentation.

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PCB Top 5 Features

There are an awful lot of timesaving and productivity features in the Proteus Design Suite. We've picked out five of our favourites in this short sales movie.

"Proteus is without a doubt the best schematic entry, PCB design, and simulation package for the money. We are very pleased with the product and recommended it to anyone that wants a high end tool package for a reasonable price, you won't be disappointed with Proteus -- in addition, their customer support is #1, their techs are expert at PCB layout and schematic entry and can help you with any problems you might have with their tool."

Andre Lamothe

CEO / Chief Scientist Nurve Networks LLC

Trusted in Education and Industry

Advanced Simulation

Learn more about our built in graphing and advanced simulation features. Harness the mixed-mode simulation engine in Proteus to quickly test your analog or digital circuitry directly on the schematic.

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