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Powerful schematic capture tools to simplify electronic product design.

With over 35 years of continuous development and innovation, our focus remains on adding functionality while maintaining a simple, clean user interface to help at all stages of the PCB Design workflow.

Making Connections

Whether you prefer making connections with wires between components or by placing terminals on the end of pins, Proteus makes the job easy. Our wire placement algorithm lets users direct wire placement by mouse movement while terminals can be quickly connected by touch to the pin ends.

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Proteus contains over 50,000 components and footprints in the libraries. We also provide import capabilities providing access to over 15 million parts from 3rd Party Vendors such as Ultra-Librarian, Samacsys and SnapEDA.

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Project Clips

Project Clips allow you to save sections of schematic and their corresponding PCB layout to disk and then import them back into future projects. Both the schematic and pcb parts of the project clip are imported and placed as single entities with no annotation or wiring required.

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Assembly Variants

Assembly Variants provide a simple method of managing multiple product configurations based on a single schematic and PCB. Users can specify either the fitted status or an alternative pin compatible part for each component in an assembly variants.

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Bill of Materials

The Bill of Materials operates in its own application window with a WYSIWYG view of the report. Component properties can be added/removed or edited directly from the editor view of the BOM module. The final output can be to print, Excel or PDF as you wish.

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Design Explorer

The Design Explorer provides the user with a full list of components and their associated nets, the ability to view these on both the schematic and the PCB and details regarding the packaging information and net information.

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Project Notes

The documentation center for your PCB Design product. Use our pre-supplied templates for common report types or apply a rich set of data objects that make it quick and easy to create custom reports.

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Schematic Capture

Watch a summary of just some of the features in Proteus schematic capture that can help you effectively create your electronic design.

"Proteus is without a doubt the best schematic entry, PCB design, and simulation package for the money. We are very pleased with the product and recommended it to anyone that wants a high end tool package for a reasonable price, you won't be disappointed with Proteus -- in addition, their customer support is #1, their techs are expert at PCB layout and schematic entry and can help you with any problems you might have with their tool."

Andre Lamothe

CEO / Chief Scientist Nurve Networks LLC

Trusted in Education and Industry

Advanced Simulation

Learn more about our built in graphing and advanced simulation features. Harness the mixed-mode simulation engine in Proteus to quickly test your analog or digital circuitry directly on the schematic.

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