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Push and Shove Routing

Proteus 8.17

New features include: Push and Shove Route Editing and improved differential pair routing algorithms.

Push and Shove Routing

Proteus 8.16

New features include: Push and Shove Routing, DRC Aware Route Editing, Route Command Centre,Visual DRC & More.

64 Layers

Proteus 8.15

New features include: Curved Route Editing, Curved Mitring, Additional MECH Layers and more.


Proteus 8.14

New features include: Diff Pair Configurator, Diff Pair Start point, Resin Filled Via Support (NCVF) and much more.

Zone Inspector

Proteus 8.13

New features include: a New Zone Inspector, Library Part Property Editing, Multi board Project Notes and more.

Curved Routing

Proteus 8.12

New features include: Diff Pair Pass through Components, Multi board projects and the new SnapEDA websearch.

Curved Routing

Proteus 8.11

New features include: Diff Pair Length Matching, Cloud Licensing Web Portal and Component Placement Report.

Curved Routing

Proteus 8.10

New features include: Differential Pairs, Report Generation and Power Plane Enhancements.


Proteus 8.9

New features include: New Library Websearch, Auto completion of tracks and Panalization Improvements

Importing Parts from the internet

Proteus 8.8

New features include: Importing of Components, New DRC Rooms and the Design Explorer now supports different board Properties

Library Property Viewer

Proteus 8.7

New features include: Length Matching Groups, Library Manager Property Viewer and Automatic Stitching / shielding of zones


Proteus 8.6

New features include: Automatic Length Matching, Layer Stackup, Assembly Variants and added the STM32 Cortex M3 family.

Visual Designer

Proteus 8.5

NEW: Visual Designer for Arduino AVR! Gerber X2 has been added and RS274X has been upgraded.

Curved DRC support

Proteus 8.4

This release was mainly to support Windows 10, but also includes Design Rule aware for Curved routing

Step Support

Proteus 8.3

We have concentrated this release on our export abilities. We have added STEP export and also added PDF and SVG export