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Key Features

Project Clips improve consistency, productivity and quality by letting users import and re-use sections of schematic design along with their associated PCB layout.

  • Export a block of schematic circuitry and PCB layout to disk.
  • Re-use in other designs via a simple import mechanism.
  • Both schematic and layout blocks are placed as a single entity.
  • No duplicate annotation or re-wiring required.

What are they?

Project clips or snippets provide a formal way to reuse parts of an existing project in future work. Sections of schematic together with their PCB layout are stored together on disk so that over time, you can build your own library of useful pieces that can then be re-used. Not only does this save time but is an excellent quality assurance feature since proven circuitry can be applied without error to future work.

How do I use them?

The basic idea is simple; select an area of schematic and/or an area of layout and then export them to disk for import into future project.

You can create schematic only project clips or, more commonly, the project clip will contain both the schematic design and the corresponding PCB layout. When you bring the project clip into a different project and place the schematic the associated PCB clip will be ready for placement as a single unit with the correct annotation.

Working with Hierarchy

Project clips can also be imported into a sub-circuit sheet in a hierarchical design. With multiple sub-circuits sharing the same circuit name (e.g. two channels of an amplifier) the imported project clip will automatically duplicate across the sheets. Multiple blocks of circuitry from the PCB part of the project clip will also then be instantiated in the layout parts bin for placement.

Video Library

Video Library

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