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Proteus 8.4 features

Proteus 8.4 : New Features

Proteus 8.4 was largely an interim release to provide official support for the recent Windows® 10 operating system. Main highlights of this release include:

  • Support for Windows 10
  • System wide update to make text and iconography DPI aware and therefore better render on high dpi devices (e.g. 4k monitors).
  • Added design rule aware curved track support to the PCB layout module.
  • Improved smoothness of power plane step-off from curved tracking.
  • Completed work on the MSP430G2X family of microcontrollers.
A full list of features and fixes is available from the Updates and Fixes Support Forum. Proteus 8.4 is available free of charge to all customers whose USC is valid as of 1st December 2015.

Planned maintenance on our website server starting 14:00 GMT+1 17th July. Downtime likely.