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New Features in V8.7.

Proteus 8.7 - New Features

One of the main goals of the V8.7 release was to build on the high speed design support we first introduced at V8.6. The main addition is an extension of the length matchgroup functionality to allow a single section of track to belong/contribute to several matchgroups. This is necessary for fly-by topology routing such as is recommended for DDR3. We've also added browsing of length matchgroups via Connectivity Highlight mode and have improved the length match report to include more relevant information. Finally, we've allowed for the specification of internal lengths within a component body in ARES via a context menu command.
Another significant area for development was in automating the stitching of zones which can now be done directly from the zone context menu. You can also select to shield zones (picket fence) via a similar command and we've extended the functionality to routes so that you can better isolate high speed routes.
Library manager has been re-written and now includes both part previews and property information. You can also select two parts and launch a differencing tool that will highlight both the physical (e.g. footprint dimensions) and property (e.g. stockcode) differences between them.
The autoplacer has seen significant improvement in V8.7. First, we have made it dual-sided so that it can place on both component and solder side of the PCB. We've then introduced placement rooms which enables basic floorplanning of the PCB prior to placement.
A full list of features and fixes is available from the Updates and Fixes Support Forum. Proteus 8.7 is available free of charge to all customers whose USC is valid as of 1st September 2017.

Planned maintenance on our website server starting 14:00 GMT+1 17th July. Downtime likely.