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Proteus 8.9 15 Million new library parts through Samacsys, Auto Complete Routing and much more.

Proteus 8.9 - New Features

We are pleased to announce that Proteus 8.9 is now released. This version involves a file format change which is not backwards compatible with older versions of the software.
The New features include:

  • Library Web Search: Version 8.9 sees the completion of the library part import work by introducing a live web search directly into the library pick form. Now, when you search for a part you can move from installed results to web results at the press of a button. Then you simply double click on the web result to import straight into Proteus. Both the schematic component and the PCB footprint will be imported and, in most cases, the 3D STEP file will also be included. There are over 15 million parts in the web search but if the part you want doesn’t exist you can request it be built for you. This is a free service and typically takes 24-48 hours. A free account needs to be registered with our partner Samacsys but this can be set up from inside Proteus the first time you try to import a part.

  • Auto Complete Route: When routing tracks on the PCB Proteus will now search ahead of the mouse and display a shadow track to a legal destination. You can then simply hit the ENTER button on the keyboard to automatically complete the route as shown by the shadow track. The shadow track will update as you route with the mouse. This allows you to guide the process and then auto-complete when you are happy with the result.

  • Panelization Improvements: When panelizing, the positioning of the incoming boards often needs to have specific clearances from the panel boundary and between other boards on the panel. We’ve updated the Gerber Editor so that when you are creating a panel the procedure is now:
    • Set the world area to be the size of your PCB panel.
    • Import your first PCB specifying number of copies and clearances.
    • Repeat if necessary with other PCBs.
    • Draw final board edge around the world area to represent the panel.

Many other VSM models and fixes are also included! As well as work on 8.10 has now started. Watch this space for more information!

Planned maintenance on our website server starting 14:00 GMT+1 17th July. Downtime likely.