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Key Features

Proteus schematic capture comes with intelligent, modeless wiring and full support for terminal connectivity, bus connectivity and hierarchical design.

  • Modeless wiring means you can connect at any time.
  • Sophisticated routing algorithms and auto-repeat mode.
  • Full support for bus connections and bus pins.
  • Complete design hierarchy and inter sheet connectivity.

Wiring Up

Placing a wire can be as simple as clicking on the two pins you want to connect - the Wire Auto-Router does the rest. But if you want a wire in a particular place, you can simply click at the intermediate corners. The Wire Auto-Router also operates when components are moved, automatically fixing up the affected wiring.

Connection by terminal is also fully supported and is particularly useful for connectors or large devices. This also includes support for NC terminals which can be used together with the single pin net report as a quality assurance check.

Bus Connections

Proteus supports bus wires, terminals, module ports and device pins. This makes it ideal for handling complex microprocessor designs in which some devices may have over 400 physical pins. Tedious editing is avoided by drawing each of the address and data buses as a single pin. Bus terminals and module ports allow bus interconnections between sheets and hierarchy levels to be quickly specified.

Design Hierarchy

As well as supporting normal multi-sheet designs (equivalent to a circuit spread over several pieces of paper), Proteus capture fully supports hierarchy within a design. In other words, a particular component can be defined as a module which is then represented by a further circuit diagram. The hierarchy can be nested to an arbitrary number of levels and modules can be drawn either as standard components or a special sub-circuit blocks on which the interface ports can be placed and removed on the fly.

Advanced Simulation

Advanced Simulation

Harness the mixed-mode simulation engine in Proteus to quickly test your analog or digital circuitry directly inside Proteus.

Advanced Simulation Features
Schematic Video Library

Schematic Video Library

Visit the video library to learn about more schematic capture features in the Proteus Design Suite.

Video Library

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