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Almost every modern PCB Design project needs an accomanying Bill of Materials report. It's important therefore that BOM content is easily generated from the schematic and layout data and also that it can be quickly edited and customised. Proteus comes with a dedicated bill of materials module with automatic report creation alongside easy block editing and content creation tools when needed.

  • Fully configurable report with WYSIWYG Editor.
  • Add/Remove columns to customize the reported data.
  • Output to PDF, load into Excel or export in CSV format.
  • Fully integrated with Assembly Variants.

Report views

When you start the Bill of Materials module the default template is loaded and the data from the current schematic is automatically populated. A WYSIWYG viewer lets you see exactly what the printed or exported report will look like.

You have full control over colours, styling and paper size in the report. You can also choose to truncate part references (e.g. C3-C16) to group otherwise identical parts together and customize the header and footer as needed. If you save your styling changes to template then you can re-use and apply consistent style and content in future projects.

Customising Content

If you want to change the content of the report you can switch to the spreadsheet view. Here you can choose which component properties you want to include or exclude from the report. Each property (e.g. cost, stockcode, MoQ, RoHS) becomes a column in the report.

If you find that some components in the schematic don't have the required data for the properties you have added then you can simply add the data in the spreadsheet editor. When you are finished editing both the schematic parts and the BOM report will be automatically updated with your changes.

Custom Properties

The BOM Editor also includes some custom properties to provide extra information in the report. For example, adding the placed property will add a column to the report which tells you whether each component is placed on the top side or bottom side of the board. Similarly, the Bompart property will let you associate required peripherals such as fuseholders or bolts with their electronic parts.

Assembly Variants

The Bill of Materials report is fully aware of the current assembly variant and will omit non-fitted parts in the current variant from the report. Similarly, if an alternative part is used in a variant then the data from that part (stockcode, cost, etc.) will be listed in the report.

To make it obvious when multiple product variants are available the current variant title is automatically included in the BOM report header. Multiple reports for different variants can therefore be created by simply changing the variant and generating the report.

Output Formats

In addition to standard printing the BOM report can be directly output as a PDF file. Alternatively, you can generate the report as a standard CSV file or choose to directly open it in Microsoft@reg; Excel.

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