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A Professionals' Choice

It's been over 35 years now since the first copy of Proteus was sold into industry and a lot has changed since then. Circuit board technology now is almost unrecognisable from where it was in the 1980's and every aspect of the PCB design process has evolved.

What hasn't changed is our relentness focus on innovation and our determination to ensure that Proteus products make it easier to satisfy modern technology demands. Whether it's microcontroller circuit simulation or multi-board projects or high speed PCB design, you'll find supporting features in Proteus. And if you just need affordable, easy to use EDA software for mainstream board layout then Proteus is the tool for you.

With sales in over 50 countries and first class post sales technical support the Proteus Design Suite is a professionals choice for EDA.

Rapid Prototyping

For contractors and small teams Proteus VSM brings AGILE development into the engineering workflow. It enables you to write and apply your firmware to a supported microcontroller on the schematic and then co-simulate the program within a mixed-mode SPICE circuit simulation, including MCU peripherals.You can interact with the design using on screen indicators such as LED and LCD displays as well as actuators such as switches and buttons. Proteus VSM also provides extensive debugging facilities including breakpoints, single stepping and variable display for both assembly code and high level language source.

No longer is a physical prototype required before the softwar engineering work can be tested against the hardware design. Rather, the schematic becomes the virtual hardware and the firmware simulated and debugged directly on it.

Flexible Licensing

Not every PCB project is the same and indeed not every industry sector requires the same capabilities from it's EDA tools. That's why Proteus products can scale to user requirements and upgrades between products are simply charged at the price difference.

For small and growing teams we also offer discounts on additional seats and for larger organisations our cloud licensing solutions help you manage teams, audit usage and re-allocate seats as needed.

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