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Proteus Customer Success Stories

Customer Success Stories

Find out how engineering professionals with over 30 years experience have found success with Proteus in our recent sitdown interviews:
Roberto Iglesias - Professional Electronics Engineer
John Martinelli - Professional EE Designer
Andy Sturman - Professional Design Consultant and Electronics Engineer
Technical Systems Design - Power Electronic Engineering Company

Helipad lighting created using in Proteus.

Electronic Airfield Ground Lighting Equipment

Interleader offers an innovative range of electronic Airfield Ground Lighting equipment and systems for night-time VFR operation at permanent and temporary helipads and designed particularly for HEMS operation. Using the Proteus Design Suite, the eAGLe® range is engineered for pilot effectiveness, simple installation and operation, safety, economy, long life and low maintenance. The majority of the eAGLe® brand of advanced LED lighting solutions are sold through FEC Heliports Worldwide as part of their extensive range of heliport products. Interleader offers research and development capability to third party organisations and can provide a design only or design and build capability with the Proteus Design Suite CAD software.

eAGLe® is the registered trademark of Interleader Limited.

Pipeline corrosion equipment created using Proteus.

Underground Pipeline Corrosion Engineering

MCMiller & Co. use the Proteus Design Suite to develop and build instruments that detect and record the extent of external corrosion on underground pipelines.

Car dashboard instruments created using Proteus.

Vehicle Dashboard

The SPA integrated dash display system has been developed using the Proteus Design Suite to cover a wide variety of applications from OE manufacturers, competition vehicles, motorcycles, kit and custom cars. This is a beautifully designed instrument combining traditional looks with modern electronics.

Midi converter. Proteus is used in the music hardware industry.

MIDI Converter & Hi-Z USB Audio Interface.

Sonuus have developed a range of products using the Proteus Design suite, using the full range of simulation and PCB Layout tools. The i2M musicport™ combines the features of both the G2M™ and B2M™ (to support both guitar and bass) with an optimised USB interface for even faster MIDI performance. Featuring extended MIDI features and configurability to satisfy the most demanding users, and a high-impedance audio interface that won’t suck the tone from your instrument, the i2M musicport™ is the new way to connect your musical instruments to your computer.

Seabed systems created using the Proteus software.

Neptune 5000

Datem Ltd use Proteus as a core development tool in their design and manufacture of seabed cone penetration systems for a global client base. With more than 30 seabed systems worldwide Datem is one of the major manufacturers of CPT equipment.

Drones created with the Proteus software.

Unmanned Aircraft

Sky Circuits Ltd. used the Proteus PCB Layout Tools to create a fully integrated, single package autopilot system, proven on a wide range of unmanned aircraft platforms that have been deployed around the world.

CAT safety systems are developed with Proteus.

Truck Braking Systems

Emilen Ltd used the Proteus Design Suite to design the breaking safety feature that is now found on most Caterpillar Trucks. This little device prevents the brakes from being released if the trailer is not hitched correctly.

Proteus is used to create hardware for fire Alarms.

Evacuation Technology

Vimpex are acknowledged experts in voice sounder and audible/visual evacuation technology. Using the Proteus Design Suite, they produce many different alarm and sounder systems The Fire-Cryer® Voice Sounder is testimony to Vimpex's enthusiasm for innovation and a fresh approach to evacuation.

Proteus using simulation of microcontrollers to create PCB boards used in Elevators

Industrial Elevators

Developed using the Proteus Design Suite, the Digital Advanced Control MEC32 Lift Controller Microprocessor system utilises the latest microcontroller technology to bring 32Bit processing to the lift industry. The 32Bit processing core is a high performance MIPS® M4K® used widely in both commercial and industrial applications.

TITAN 5 is helped to be made by Proteus.

Titan 5 - Universal Strength Tester

The circuits inside this beast were developed using the Proteus Design Suite. James Heal who developed the Titan have substantially increased the tension and compression capacities of the latest model of our Universal Strength Tester. The Titan 5 now provides the capacity to accommodate tests up to 5000 Newtons (5kN). This increase in capacity, in conjunction with the existing and new enhanced range of tooling, intuitive software and automated processes, gives laboratories the potential to significantly increase the number and scope of tests offered. With this instrument laboratories will be able to comply with more Standards and perform a wider array of tests on a wider range of product types.