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Key Features

Proteus comes equipped with a range of modern and standards compliant output formats to ensure a seamless transition from the Proteus CAD suite to your preferred vendor of either manufacturing or MCAD software.

  • Manufacturing Outputs including Gerber X2 and ODB++.
  • Output for MCAD via STEP or IGES.
  • Extensive project documentation and reporting.
  • Graphical and data output throughout the software.

Manufacturing Output

Gerber X2 is the primary supported manufacturing output format. This format, together with an IPC-D-356 netlist and optional assembly drawings, provides an intelligent and complete representation of the PCB to your manufacturer. Traditional Gerber/Excellon output via the RS274X format is also supported.

Read through a summary of the PCB Assembly process in our blog post.

ODB++ is the secondary supported manufacturing output format. Like Gerber X2, ODB++ is also an intelligent CAD/CAM data exchange format, capturing all CAD/EDA, assembly and PCB fabrication knowledge in one single, unified database.

MCAD Output

STEP and IGES are now the industry standard formats for board import into MCAD tools such as Solidworks ® or Autodesk ® Proteus supports export of STEP assemblies in both AP203 and AP214 formats as well as IGES output. Learn more about STEP in Proteus

Also supported is the more lightweight but still used Mentor IDF wireframe format and the STL format.

Graphics and Data Output

There are numerous output formats to printer devices or graphics file. Most often used is PDF which is available across the different modules of the software, including the 3D Viewer.

Data output in the form of reports is also typically output in PDF, with CSV output available from the Bill of Materials module.

Multiple graphics formats such as SVG and PNG are also available throughout the software suite.

Project Notes

Project Notes

Use the Project Notes module as the documentation center for your work. Use pre-defined report types or create your own and make use of the data widgets to import information automatically from the PCB.

Project Notes Reporting Module
PCB Design Blog Articles

PCB Design Blog Articles

Read the PCB Design blog to learn more about different technologies available in the Proteus Design suite and how they can help you with your next project.

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